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Day 1: How to be professional and attractive in business

  • What about your first impressions
  • “Interacting keys” to marketers and entrepreneur
  • Understanding trends and technology
  • Who’s who in your market?
  • Your climb to the top
  • What investors want from you?
  • Before going public
  • Where are you on the web?
  • Basics of Link exchange, which sites to link to, improve your ranking
  • Free newsletters and articles
  • You and the press
  • Rover the basics, risk awareness and balance
  • Security basics
  • Legal
  • Customer satisfaction and track records, repeat customers
  • How to be prepared
  • Tips for securing funds for your business and expectations
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Day 2: Multi-Million Dollar Businesses Are Being Built Online

  • Internet business is booming
  • Financing for an online business
  • Starting and expanding an online business
  • Online business benefits
  • Cost of running an online business from home
  • Unique marketing potential
  • SEO basics and keywords
  • Global exposure to a global market
  • Targeting with ease
  • Easy research
  • Investors at your fingertips
  • Where to find investors
  • Background checks easy and fast
  • Online business issues and concerns to address
  • Security, viruses and hackers
  • Beyond money
  • Why businesses fail in their first year
  • Keeping your business from going under
  • Startup funding for your Internet business
  • Financing options
  • SBA loans, which one?
  • Internet incubators and their services
  • Venture capital equals high growth only

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Classic: Tony Robbins Talks About Relationships, Capital Punishment... On Larry King


Day 3: Financing – Risk, Savings, Loses, Bankruptcy? They Key to Success

  • Our thinking and risk
  • Investors and handling risk
  • What should you tell investors?
  • Should risk be presented to investors?
  • Predicting and analyzing risk
  • Financial risk
  • Product risk
  • Market risk and analysis
  • Management risk and employees
  • Smart risk
  • Key to making your business a success
  • Being solution minded will keep you on top
  • Investor’s expectations
  • Risk management, what is it?
  • Assessing risk regularly
  • Be prepared
  • Risk recovering
  • Prioritizing risk
  • Creating risk solutions
  • Be credit smart
  • Debt, company capital, credit savings…
  • Keys to handling credit wisely
  • Your credit score

Bonus Video 1

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Set Your Attitude To Attrack Success
Interview With Zig Ziglar

Day 4: The Business Plan – Set for Success and Obtaining Funds

  • Business plan
  • Business plan outline
  • Business plan description
  • Why does my business need a business plan?
  • Are you worthy of investors hard earned money?
  • Time management
  • Time budget
  • Tips to avoid loss of profits and staying ahead
  • Identify your audience
  • Angel investor
  • Venture capitalist (VC)
  • Lenders
  • Gathering information
  • Finding information for your business plan
  • The value of keeping good record
  • Financial records and tax returns
  • Marketing records
  • Product records
  • Market research and market analyses
  • What do potential investors love?
  • Writing the business plan
  • Components of the plan
  • Standard structure

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Day 5: Components of a Business Plan and Catching Investors Attention

  • Business plan order and structure
  • Executive summary, the most important part
  • Key elements of an executive summary
  • Mission statement
  • Company description
  • Make your company stand apart from the rest
  • Should you include traffic stats?
  • Is your product or service unique?
  • Can’t lose deal
  • Management
  • What and who to include
  • Employees’ information
  • Benefits
  • Competition
  • Making it special
  • Target market and trends
  • Marketing plan
  • Operations plan
  • Financial plan
  • Capital and expectations
  • Investor returns

Bonus Video 1

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